• Set up production Infrastructure in following clouds in last 3 years

    • Azure

    • GCP

    • AWS

    • Digital Ocean

    • IBM

  • Architecture

    • Lead deployment of infra in all the major cloud platforms

    • Built Docker based deployment strategy for all microservices

    • VPN implementation for the all employees and services in Azure cloud

  • Migration

    Migrated production infra across following clouds

    • GCP to Digital Ocean

    • Digital Ocean to AWS

    • AWS to Azure



  • HAproxy high availability cluster

  • Nginx

  • Docker Compose

  • Multi Node Cassandra cluster

  • Kafka

  • Multi node spark cluster

  • Letsencrypt SSL


  • Azure Databricks

  • Azure Datafactory

  • Azure Application Gateway

  • Azure App Service functions

  • Azure HDInsights Kafka Cluster


Custom Infra deployment handled 40K requests per minute in production for one of largest fashion e-commerce platform in India


  • CI/CD pipeline using Gitlab CI/CD for docker based microservice deployment

  • Ansible prototypes for development environments and basic infra setup

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